Monday, August 30, 2021

The Blog is Back after a 10 Year Break!

While the new YourDigitalEye Website is under construction, the Blog is back. Hell, I think I should keep it anyway. It will be a good place to just keep everyone up to date on what is new.

This little gem of a photo was from a sunny winter afternoon of COVID Lockdown in Port Melbourne. Ingrid is loved by all the dogs (Georgina included!) as she always has a bag of tasty treats on hand. They all wait their turn expect Georgina! She has to get her little puggie face right in there so she doesn't miss out LOL. 

This was shot on the new Canon R5 with the EF 85mm F1.2 L Ser II

When shooting into the sun with this lens, one often gets some beautiful lens flare along with that dreamy low depth of field it is famous for. On the new mirrorless R5, this lens is working better than ever thanks to the amazing new focus system. I'm not too sure if I will even bother to upgrade to the newer RF version as it is so expensive and most likely doesn't have the magic flaws I love about this one.