Thursday, June 2, 2022

I have relocated to Yarraville!

After operating my photography business from Port Melbourne for nearly 20 years, the time to move arrived and a new home base was discovered that fit all the bills for me and my ventures in Yarraville — only 10 minutes driver over the Melbourne Westgate Bridge from the old location.

The new house has everything I need to operate out of. A huge living space that is suitable for both product photography and full length portraiture along with a wide range of beautiful outdoor shooting locations all within a short walking distance. It is also very easy to get to the Melbourne CBD via the Yarraville Train Station that is only a 4 min walk away.

Georgina the Black Pug that runs everything behind the scenes is very happy here in Yarraville. The village centre is always active with tons of locals that are always interested to give her a pat when she is on the sniff for food smells, which honestly is one of the key drivers in her life!

There are a number of cute little parks for her to explore on her daily outings — the closest being Fels Park, just behind the eastern end of Anderson Street — the main "drag" of the village.

From what I can tell, a local Black Cat (just a little bit larger than Georgina!) named Julian is the unofficial "Keeper of the Park". At this stage I'm yet to meet his owners or even point my finger as to which house he lives in — but one thing is for sure, this cat has moxy! Julian eyes Georgina when she enters the park, but basically is indifferent to her presence — obviously he understands that his park is a shared resource. Georgina acts in much the same way but I'm not sure if she really knows what to make of him. As there are always tons of kids (and food scraps!) around she is on the smell hunt as soon as we enter the park anyway. Julian keeps a keen lookout and most of the locals know his name and he gets lots of pats from the kids. Same goes for Georgina and she is finally getting some brand recognition after a few months of visits.

Julian stands his ground but doesn't make a fuss if I go over to him with Georgina on her lead and is happy for a friendly head scratch and pat. If Georgina gets too close into his space, he just calmly walks off and plants himself down a few yards away. He never runs off in a flash like most cats do when they see a dog. I really like this about him! He reminds me a lot of my old cat George from back in Canada. A cat in charge of his own destiny!